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Free Trial - Trials may vary based upon offer. Your free trial period (stated in the offer) will give you full access to the platform. We will not process a payment for your subscription until after the trial has expired. 

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Refund - Rukus is proud to offer a world-class product, at an incredibly affordable rate. Unfortunately, we can not offer refunds on Subscription-based products. You may cancel your subscription at any time, to avoid being charged for future months by clicking "Cancel Membership" in your billing settings. 

Streaming Problems - We recommend streaming content via the iOS Safari web browser or Google Chrome. Rukus On-Demand can be accessed by all devices with a stable internet connection. 

- WiFi vs Cellular - We recommended streaming Rukus On-Demand via a hardwire or WiFi connection. You can stream the content via a cellular connection however quality, buffering, and additional data rates may apply (see carrier for details). 

- Loading Content - Having trouble loading content? Try refreshing your page! If you have already tried refreshing, try loading Rukus On-Demand in another browser, such as Chrome, FireFox or Safari. 

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